Frequently Asked Questions

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What in the World is a Chilipepper On-Demand Hot Water Recirculating System?

It is a Small, Powerful Pump that Eliminates the Need to Run the Faucet for Several Minutes to Get Hot Water. With the touch of a button, this high-power pump circulates hot water from the water heater to the sink or shower, Quickly Bringing Hot Water for use. Once installed, the Chilipepper can usually supply hot water to any other fixtures along the line prior to the point of installation as well.

How Does It Work?

The Chilipepper pump installs under a sink, connecting "between" the Hot and Cold water lines. It brings hot water from the water heater while sending the "cold" water from the hot line back to the water heater via the Cold water line. Operates via a Wireless Remote "Key-Fob" (included). No setup is needed for the wireless system - It arrives ready to work! A "B" Version of the CP9000 is available for those who want a wired start button as well as the wireless system. A quick push of the remote or wired button is all that is required to get fast hot water.

Why get a system that requires me to push a button?

There are other methods on the market. Some keep the water hot at all times, which can become costly with the amount of energy required to keep the water hot. Others work on a timer - less wasteful than round-the-clock hot water - but still quite wasteful if your schedule doesn't correspond with the timing of the hot water. Plus, if you need hot water outside of the scheduled time-frame, you are back to running water down the drain while waiting on the hot water to arrive. A truly On-Demand system, like the Chilipepper, operates only when needed, allowing for flexibility and completely eliminating wasted energy and water.

Will this Chilipepper work with my water heater?

Yes! It works with ANY TYPE of water heater - Even tankless. In fact, use with a tankless water heater is when the Chilipepper really shines! As Tankless owners know, they do provide endless hot water, but after a seemingly endless wait! The Chilipepper cuts the wait, and the waste, that goes with the tankless water heater. Bosch, Rinnai, and Rheem have all tested and approved the Chilipepper for use with their water heaters. The Model CP9000 can run at up to 3 gallons per minute! - More than sufficient to work with any brand of tankless water heater!

Is everything included to install my Chilipepper?

Almost everything is included. You will need to purchase two (2) braided water hoses of the length needed for your particular installation. The hoses are a standard item usually available at any hardware store. The size (not length) of the braided hoses that are needed is: 3/8' Comp x ½' FIP. Teflon tape may be used but likely will not be needed. DO NOT USE plumbers putty/pipe dope as it will ruin the Chilipepper and void the warranty.

Will the Chilipepper speed up my slow hot water?

Yes, the Chilipepper will almost definitely speed up getting hot water to your faucet. The Chilipepper appliance pumps approximately 2.5 to 3 gallons per minute, whereas typical low flow fixtures only pump 2 gallons per minute. It might not sound like much, but it actually creates a significant wait-time reduction. In addition to being fast, you will not be losing any water down the drain while the hot water is on its way to the faucet, as you normally would. And our customers love that they can push a button at their bedside table, or elsewhere, and by the time they get to the bathroom, the hot water is ready to go.

Is the Chilipepper an instantaneous (tankless) type hot water heater?

No, the Chilipepper is an On-Demand Hot Water Recirculating System. It does not heat water, it simply circulates the hot water from the water heater to the faucet.

My Tankless water heater takes forever to bring hot water. Will a Chilipepper help this?

Absolutely! In fact, it is with a tankless water heater where the Chilipepper really shines!

By nature, tankless water heaters take a long time because they begin to heat the water when the hot water fixture is opened. When activated, the Chilipepper pumps the water from the water heater, causing it to start producing hot water but without actually opening the faucet. The high-powered pump also quickly moves the hot water down the line to the faucet where it is installed. This saves time as well as water, and is actually beneficial for the water heater. Tankless water heater manufacturers Bosch, Rinnai and Navien have all tested and approved our Chilipepper appliance for use with their products.

Can the Chilipepper hot water appliance take the place of a hot water heater?

No, it cannot take the place of your hot water heater. The Chilipepper appliance does not heat water, it circulates it from the water heater to the faucet – quickly.

Do I have to hire a plumber to install the Chilipepper?

No, it was designed with a do-it-yourself homeowner in mind. There is no actual plumbing required, just hose connections. Please take a look at our Installation Instructions to see just how easy it is to install. Note, an electrical outlet is required for the Chilipepper to operate.

How does the Chilipepper bring hot water to the fixture without running water down the drain?

The Chilipepper circulates the water back to the water heater through the cold water line under your sink, effectively recirculating the cooled hot water back to the water heater to be heated again.It has a built in spring loaded check valve that prevents mixing of the hot and cold water when the pump is not running.

Does hot water get into the cold water line?

No and yes. The Chilipepper has a sensor that shuts the pump off as soon as it senses that the water has reached the correct temperature, so it does not continue to run and put hot water into the cold line. However, a small amount of warm water does enter the cold line, but it is quickly purged during usage. Generally, when using hot water, a person turns on the cold water as well, to ensure the water doesn't get too hot and scald them. This purges any warm water out of the cold line. Unless you use only the cold water while the Chilipepper is running, or just after, you likely won't even notice any warm water in the cold.

In addition, the Chilipepper has a built-in spring check valve that prevents mixing of the hot and cold water when the pump is inactive.

When the Chilipepper is installed under the bathroom sink does the shower get hot water quickly also?

Yes, because once the Chilipepper brings hot water to the bathroom sink, the distance to the shower is very short. Typically the wait is only a few seconds when turning on the hot water in the shower once there is hot water at the bathroom sink.

Will the Chilipepper get hot water to more than one fixture?

It depends on how your home is plumbed. Homes that have a loop-type water line layout can install the Chilipepper at the farthest fixture on the run to get hot water at the rest of the fixtures as well. This is because the hot water will flow through those fixtures on its way to the Chilipepper.

Other layouts, like one with branches, or a spoke and wheel (manifold) type layout may require more than one Chilipepper to get hot water at multiple fixtures. But, the Chilipepper will at least shorten the wait time for hot water at all fixtures.

To find out how a Chilipepper will work with your plumbing layout, please read our Test Your Plumbing article.

Will the Chilipepper work with water softeners, water filters or other water accessories?

Yes the Chilipepper will work with any water accessories.

What is the difference between the CP9000 and the CP9000B?

Not much! They are identical except that the B version accommodates, and includes) a hard wired button where the standard version does not.

If I already have a wired button, can I just purchase the CP9000, to save money?

Yes, the CP9000 has wires to reconnect your existing buttons.

What is the practical range of the wireless key-fob transmitters?

The key-fobs will work within about 100' from the Chilipepper. They are RF (radio-frequency) so they will go through walls, floors, ceilings, etc. When we tested them, the Chilipepper was in the back warehouse and the keyfob was taken out through the front office and across the parking lot and it worked. It had to cross 2 walls (one glass) and about 100' of space.